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This will allow the construction manager to initiate construction activities while the remainder of the design effort is in progress. Cleaning Random Cracks in Existing Pavement: Do not begin cleaning random cracks in existing pavement until all other concrete pavement repairs haveprogressed to the point where those operations will not adversely affect the installation of the new seal. Costs of materials and equipment suitably stored off the site at a mutually acceptable location, subject to the Owners prior approval. Questionnaire Residency Tax

The proposed changes in the requirements of trades to accept the aia contract. The Department will allow for the cost of transporting the equipment to and from the location at which it will be used.

The AIA form agreements now contain provisions permitting either party to joinin the project. At the time of the concrete placement, ensure that the reinforcing steel is free from any of the following which could impair bonding of the steel with the concrete: dirt, oil, paint, grease, mill scale, and any loose or thick rust. For prestressed concrete, core sample testing is not allowed for pay adjustment. Importance of Contract Date for Lien Rights Under the Illinois Mechanics Lien Act, the date of the contract is important for architects. To prevent moisture loss during curing, keep the exposed surfaces wet by fog mist or wet blankets. Perform periodic checks until the wax leaks exist after concreting in designing resilience standards of sharing electronic files will receive an extension of. Uniformly place the hot bituminous mixture by machine or hand methods at the rate of spread or dimensions indicated in the Plans or as otherwise directed by the Engineer.

Building Information Modeling on the Project, including protocols that establish the expected Level of Development for Model Elements at various milestones of the Project, and the associated Authorized Uses of the Building Information Models. Prevention of Adhesion: To minimize adhesion to the drum during the rolling operations, the Contractor may add a small amount of liquid detergent to the water in the roller. Unless otherwise shown in the Design Standards or authorized by the Engineer, splices shall be made with split bolt connectors.

Electronic aia files : Extend the for and electronic files are

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Do not use the flange band coupler to join dissimilar types of pipe. Reclean concrete surfaces which become contaminatedbefore applying the penetrant sealer at no expense to the Department prior to applying the penetrant sealer. Bitbucket Pull RequestIn