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Ancient Puturum has been spotted in Valencia and Guilds are called in to face.

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It is regarded as the location where the first black rock fell. If you want to exchange Peridot Leaf or Peridot Petal with NPC Variel, you will need to click on the relevant items for exchange, not press R key.

Fixed the issue where the numbers on the bars for the Territory Resource Information World Map Filter disappeared when you closed and opened the World Map again.

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In summoning guild bosses, players are going to need the summon scroll piece. Fixed the graphical issue that cause some areas in southern Kamasylvia to look underwater.

Night time exp, Exp Boost hours, pet buffs, Book of Combat, Elixirs, etc.

The three weekly scrolls are Hexe marie hebate tree and muskan. However, we concluded, from our current as well as future point of view, that Capotia accessories would gradually become less attractive.

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