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Navajo Nation tribal officials acknowledge the new energy realities and have invested in alternatives, especially natural gas. The

It is time to hold perpetrators accountable for hurting women and children.

Navajo Nationviews women as sacred. Cheyenne and Arapaho claimant government. The SRST reservation boundary, along with ancestral territory, if available, should have been included in the original draft of the map. Child Care Mothers who leave their abusers often need to increase their work hours or return to the workforce to support their families. The discovery has pitted developers against archaeologists and historic preservationists. This means adverse effects are evaluated in coordination with the consulting parties. Total underpaid royalties for natural gas taken from federal and American Indian lands.

Among Indigenous activist circles it is said that many generations ago ancestors who experienced the loss of life, land, culture and language had prayed for the coming generations to take up their causes to seek redress for injustices.

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