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Even the participation of victims at sentencing, which all states now permit, has been strongly attacked as inappropriate and prejudicial. For example, if a person commits treason by turning over information to a foreign government and that foreign government uses the information to uncover and kill American agents, would the families of the victims be entitled to rights under this amendment?

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If the amendment were meant to authorize such claims, it would not use the language of prohibition.

Many licensing applications require full disclosure of all prior convictions.

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If so, the government ought not to escape liability simply because other factors also contributed.

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Only a Constitutional provision can provide this nation the fundamental human right to be informed and involved through the justice process. An amendment as drug development of federalism is routinely ignored, sixth amendment is the a positive entitlements from the states with violations of them supporting it.

EURPrepared statements of: Douglas Beloof and Dean James Huffman on behalf of Northwestern School of Law of Lewis and Clark College.

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Erez accurately perceived is one that has not made room for crime victims.

This provision is designed to protect completed criminal proceedings against judicially created remedies that might interfere with finality. Federal constitutional rule that victims must never be excluded would nullify these State judgments about the appropriate way to balance the competing interests involved.