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Nonetheless, it would be reassuring if we could demonstrate that differences in recall were not simply the result of differences in the amount of processing time devoted to the encoding tasks.

Ken Blick for his constant support and guidance over the course of this project.

The findings of this study clearly exhibited a strong advantage for highly associable stimuli, supporting the associability hypothesis.

In the autobiographical condition subjects were instructed to remember specific episode for which the adjective described how they felt or behaved.

For example, older adults could consider the self in a more normative manner, thinking about the traits they possess that are shared with many people.

PF values for the organized tasks are an artifact of the high levels of recall found in these conditions.

  1. Visiting ScholarsThe order of each word in each block was randomized, and the order of blocks was counterbalanced across data sessions.
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Regardless of stimulus characteristics such as valence and format, associations sufficient for supporting item recognition are likely to be created.

The later developments of the mathematics of infinite series has shown that this assumption is invalid, and thus the paradox dissolves.

In short, elaborative tasks promote the encoding of item specific information; organizational tasks promote the encoding of relational information.

Elaborations of introductory psychology terms: Effects on test performance and subjective ratings.

Words used most often by participants were denoted as strong associates, and words used least often as weak associates.

Compared to individual words, pictures like those used in the present study are quite specific.

HadHowever, the reported results seem to be robust.

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The liar sentence considered above leads to a contradiction when we try to determine whether it is true or not.

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Subjects were drawn from a pool of introductory psychology students at the University of Richmond.