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When incorporated into a wider multichannel engagement strategy, they open up the potential to engage two new audiences for your brand. In the following code we fetch some data from an API, convert the response to an object and use it to populate our notification.

These are notifications that are sent to the user and are based on the previous actions performed by the user on any site. Another advantage of the interconnected world we live in is the means of communication available to us.

The Firebase Cloud Messaging set up I displayed in my previous article still remains valid.

  1. From sending intelligent recommendations based on previous viewing history or genre of music heard to addressing each user individually, you can increase the engagement and upgrade the user to a premium plan.
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Segment users based on the date of their last activity and send a push notification to their preferred device.

While that seems pretty straightforward, there are trickier sites that use a bit of social engineering to get you to allow their notifications. Everything about to do with chrome push notification is web browser push.

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The key is figuring out which applications are worth receiving alerts from, and which would only serve as a distraction. It is for this reason, understanding your audience is extremely critical.

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